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Walla Walla Onions!

Walla Walla onion seeds

I seeded a milk jug planter with a third of the seeds from this package. They’ll have only about 7 weeks to grow indoors before I set them in the garden where they’ll require nearly four months to reach maturity.

In late February I attended a seminar about becoming a better speaker. At a party afterward there were door prizes that included all kinds of seed packages from Sustainable Seed Company. I scored a half dozen packs including one for Walla Walla Onions, a sweet variety whose name I remember from my mom’s garden 40 years ago.

Nearly three weeks ago, I set up my seed-starting shelf to keep my lettuce seedlings healthy until I can set them outside. At the same time, I made a seed-starting tray by cutting the side off of a plastic gallon milk jug. I filled the tray with soil, soaked the soil with water, and scattered Walla Walla onion seeds on the surface.

Bury the seeds in soil? Nope! I bury most seeds I plant, but onion seeds are easier than that. I’ve kept the soil moist, and the tray has been under intense light. You can see from the photos that I have quite a few healthy onion plants.

In about a month, I’ll set these plants in my garden. Having provided a fine head start, and with a long growing season, I expect to harvest many delicious, sweet Walla Wallas. In fact, I’m going to seed a second tray this week and double the bounty.

Walla Walla or Sweet Spanish onion; you can grow that!

Walla Walla onion sprouts

After three weeks under lights, my onion babies look healthy; some are starting to bulge at the bases of their stems. Transferring them to the garden later on will be a lot like planting onion sets. I wish I’d started more three weeks ago, but I’ll get to that this weekend. I use about one small onion per day in cooking, and I’d love to go a year without buying any mature onions at the farmers’ market.

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2 Responses to “Walla Walla Onions!”

  • awesome post and enjoy your Sunday

  • Awesome post. Congratulations on a successful planting of seeds. Just two days ago I planted some Walla Walla like onion sets in our garden. We had a massive thunderstorm yesterday so the garden got a soaking. Hope your sets give you a bountiful harvest.

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