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Your Small Kitchen Garden Visits the Philadelphia Flower Show

Not surprisingly, there were a whole bunch of flowers at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Lighting at the show made it hard to shoot properly-exposed photos without resorting to flash–which, of course, usually resulted in mediocre contrast.

While things were quiet in my small kitchen garden in early February, I visited the Philadelphia Flower Show. Shot a lot of photos, trying to capture the beauty of the show while working around at least 300 million people who were enjoying the exhibits. OK, I didn’t count the people, but there were enough to make navigating the show floor slow going.

The Photo Saga

Immediately after the show, I selected a set of photos to share with readers of my blog. I edited a few for size and uploaded them to my account at Then I spent well over an hour adding tags, titles, and descriptions to the photos.

As I annotated one of the last photos, I pressed the backspace key, and this somehow closed the photo management page in Flickr, discarding all my work. I spread the task of recreating that work across many days, and finally I’ve finished! The slideshow below shows a lot of what I liked at the show, though there were many more exhibits I’d also recommend.

The slide show includes comments about the photos. To view them, first click the full screen icon and in the resulting display, click the Show info option that appears near the top-right in the slide show window. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think. Did you get to a flower or garden show this past winter?

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