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Your Small Kitchen Garden Promotional Giveaway

You could win a carton containing twelve packs of each of these fruit snacks – 24 packs in total. The text of this article explains how you can submit as many as twelve entries in our drawing.

Your Small Kitchen Garden is having its first ever promotional giveaway. The prize is a carton of individually-packaged servings of freeze-dried fruits. I was able to score several cartons of these treats packaged by Sensible Foods under a label other than their own. Each carton contains 24 snack packages.

There are two varieties of treats: The Fruit Snack at 84 calories per package and the Tropical Snack at 80 calories per package. The Fruit Snack variety contains freeze-dried apples, strawberries, cherries, and blueberries. The Tropical Snack variety contains freeze-dried apples, pineapples, mangos, and bananas. These freeze-dried fruit snacks are delicious and convenient: lightweight and easy to pack. I snack on them often.

While the cartons come packed with only one type of fruit snack, I’ve re-packed three of them for this giveaway so that each has twelve of the Fruit Snack packets and twelve of the Tropical Snack packets.

I’ve seen the Sensible Foods snack packages for $1.50 each on sale at my local grocery store. At that price, this giveaway is worth $36 to each winner. Each winner? Yes! I’m giving away three cartons, so there will be three winners chosen by random number generator from all qualified entries.

You can win only one carton; multiple qualified entries increase your chances of winning, but not of winning more than one carton. Here’s how you might win your own carton of these delicious and healthy dehydrated fruit snacks:

1. Leaving a comment in response to this post equals one entry; multiple comments from the same visitor/email address qualify as a single entry. If you decide to enter according to item 2 (below), the comment you leave for that can qualify as your entry for item 1.

2. Linking to this post from your own blog or web site qualifies as two entries. While welcome, multiple links from the same domain qualify as only two entries. (Please leave a comment here linking to the web page containing your link; I’ll add two entries in your name once I verify the link. If you’re going to link from your web site, the comment leading to your link can qualify for the entry you get under item 1. If that’s confusing, don’t worry about it.)

3. Tweet a link to this post that includes my twitter name @cityslipper (so I can keep track). I’d appreciate multiple tweets, but only one will count as an entry.

4. Visit my other two participating blogs, Your Home Kitchen Garden and Food Dryer Home, where you’ll find similar posts… each of which can earn up to four more entries: One entry for a comment, two entries for a link, and one entry for a tweet.

That’s it! Three cartons of fruit up for grabs, and up to twelve entries available per visitor.

This promotional giveaway ends on Friday, November 6, 2009. My random number generator will select winners on Saturday, November 7 and I’ll post announcements on all three participating web sites.


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16 Responses to “Your Small Kitchen Garden Promotional Giveaway”

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  • [...] for a comment, two entries for a link, and one entry for a tweet. The other participating sites are Small Kitchen Garden and Your Home Kitchen [...]

  • I love freeze dried fruit. I have to drive to an hour to Trader Joe’s to buy it. I put it on my cereal or just snack on it.

  • Heather Laidlaw:

    Fruit! How generous.

  • Ariana:

    We love dried anything and our food dehydrator (from like 10 years ago broke). Any recommendation on which one to get? We primarily use it to dry Porcinis – see pics of our first hunt

  • Awesome giveaway! My kids love dried fruit! I dry alot myself! Off to post this on my blog!

  • These sound really good. I’ve never heard of Sensible foods before. Can you get them in stores?

  • Tweeted about it searching4

  • Robyn:

    Ariana, dehydrators can run between $40 for entry level units to over $200 for top end Excalibur dehydrators. the entry level units typically don’t have good air flow or adjustable thermostats. Nesco food dehydrator is a good brand of dehydrator that runs between $70 and $120 depending on the size.

  • I love dried fruit. I have made some dried fruits in my dehydrator, but I have never tried this kind. Looks delicious!

  • Cee:

    Thank you for this giveaway! I would love snacks to take on crisp fall hikes!

  • admin:

    Ariana: There’s a bloom of mushrooms in my neighborhood right now, but I’m not even barely qualified to harvest responsibly. As for which food dryer to buy? So many variables without a best answer. If you can afford it, find a model that has lots of power (high wattage), a thermostat, and expandability. Here’s a link to one of the best-rated dehydrators: Nesco American Harvest FD-1020

    Stacy: Our local grocery store has Sensible Foods dehydrated fruit snack packs in the specialty produce section. They have other products elsewhere in the store as well… but I don’t know how broad a distribution their products have.

  • Yum! I’m in. Delicious.

  • annalene:

    ahh, hope i’m not too late to enter! these sound like a great treat. i’m always on the go, so dried fruits are one of my favorite snack. nice and small so they are easy to pack and also really refreshing. thank you so much for the giveaway!

  • annalene:

    aw, just checked my time stamp and i guess you’re EST, I’m PST so its still the 6th here… nooooo!

  • admin:

    You made it, no problem. It was still Friday where you were… and the rules simply said “Friday.” Thanks for coming by. I’ll announce winners later today or tomorrow.

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