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Gardening Gifts for 2010

It’s that time of year at Your Small Kitchen Garden when I muse about what gardening-related gifts I’d most appreciate receiving. Why do this? The question is out there: What are this holiday season’s best gardening gifts?

Of course, the answer differs from gardener to gardener. Last year, I posted a list that I’d be happy to offer as my picks for this year. You can read it here: Essential Gifts for the Small Kitchen Garden. However, pointing out last year’s list hardly seemed like a big enough job, so I pulled together a new list for this year. Please consider for your gardening acquaintances: my top gardening gifts for 2010. (But if you don’t spot the perfect gift here, check out last year’s list.)

Clean Air Gardening 000020 Pet Poop Converter

Put a Dog to Work in the Garden

Turn your dog into a productive member of the family with this awesome gift that does double-duty for a gardener and dog owner: A worm composter for dog poop! Conventional wisdom is that you should not put dog droppings into a compost heap or garden. Living so closely with humans, dogs may carry diseases that can spread through their feces. However, this worm composting system efficiently converts dog poop into compost tea and rich, clean compost. Designed to handle the output of two medium-sized dogs, the tumbleweed pet poo converter is easy-to-manage and odor-free. Constructed of uv treated high impact polypropylene hardened plastic, the tumbleweed pet poo converter is certain to please any dog-owning gardener.

Click here to order: Clean Air Gardening 000020 Pet Poop Converter

Haxnicks L835 Easy Fleece Tunnel

Fleece Row Cover

Row covers protect crops from insects, birds, rodents, and slugs. They also trap heat around plants and protect them from late frost in spring and early frost in autumn. In fact, row covers can extend the growing season by three or more weeks on each end of the season. Row covers make a great gift for any kitchen gardener.

Click here to order: Haxnicks L835 Easy Fleece Tunnel


Rumford Gardener 800359 Gardening Glove with Blue Palm

Palm-Protecting Latex Gloves

For every gardener there comes a time for gardening gloves, and many gardeners defend their favorite brands. These are worth a look: durable latex palms protect your skin while knit backings let your hands breath. If you know a gardener asking for decent gardening gloves, these are bound to satisfy.

Click here to order: Rumford Gardener 800359 Gardening Glove with Blue Palm

Flowerhouse: Starter House

Mini Greenhouse

Many kitchen gardeners start seeds for crops that require a long season. Sure, they can buy flats of seedlings at nurseries and garden stores, but starting your own seeds reduces the chance of introducing disease and insects from outside sources. Also, garden stores stock but a few varieties of any crop, leaving local growers with limited choices. The StarterHouse is a handy utility for seed-starters. It’s compact and lightweight and it’s easy to set up and take down. This mini greenhouse is waterproof and UV resistant. It seals out cold and wind while trapping heat from late winter and early spring sunshine. Your kitchen gardener can start seeds outdoors, or use the greenhouse to harden down seedlings before transplanting them to the garden. In some climates, the StarterHouse may provide enough greenhouse effect to extend the growing season through winter.

Click here to order: Flowerhouse: Starter House

Fiskars Ratchet Pruners

Ratchet Pruners

Ratchet pruners provide a mechanical advantage to help you get through tough branches. With its reputation for producing fine cutting tools, Fiskars has a winner with these ratchet pruners. The high carbon steel blade holds its edge well, and the ratcheting action lets the gardener in your life cut easily through branches up to 3/4 of an inch thick. These are the perfect gift for anyone who prunes trees, bushes, and hedges.

Click here to order: Fiskars Ratchet Pruners

Compact Pruning Saw

Many pruning jobs require a bit more cutting power than pruning sheers – or even loppers – can provide. The Fiskars folding pruning saw cuts through relatively thick branches with little effort. The blade folds into the handle, creating a compact form that’s easy to carry in a pocket, apron, or bucket. This pruning saw has a ten inch high carbon steel blade and a hardwood handle. The blade locks into position, and releases with the push of a button.

Fiskars Folding Pruning Saw 10 inch Click here to order: Fiskars Folding Pruning Saw 10 inch

WheelEasy Garden Cart

Heavy Duty Garden Cart

Every gardener needs to haul stuff in and around the garden and yard. The WheelEasy collapsible garden cart makes hauling… well, easy. It can carry heavy, awkward loads – up to 6 cubic feet of stuff. The WheelEasy’s low profile reduces the difficulty of loading and the low center-of-gravity makes the cart both easier to balance and more maneuverable than other garden carts. Weighing only 21 pounds, it can carry over 350 pounds. The WheelEasy is a novel and versatile gift for your favorite gardener.

Click here to order: WheelEasy Garden Cart

WheelEasy LE Garden Cart

Budget Garden Cart

Want to give your gardener a garden cart, but the heavy-duty cart is a budget-breaker? Here’s a lightweight folding cart. It, like the WheelEasy (above), also handles awkward loads, rendering them balanced and maneuverable. However, the WheelEasy LA Garden Cart is lighter and has a smaller capacity: 150 pounds… still plenty strong to carry many loads. Your gardener will easily find room to store this compact workhorse when it’s not in use. This is a terrific gift idea.

Click here to order: WheelEasy LE Garden Cart

Muck Boots: Hoser Garden Boots

Muck Boots!

Stylish? Maybe not. Practical? Absolutely. If your kitchen gardener has traditional planting beds, muck boots are an awesome addition to the gardening wardrobe. Every spring, my sneakers become unusable for normal wear because they get covered in mud from my garden. With a set of dedicated gardening muck boots, I’d step into the boots on may way to the garden patch, and step out of the muddy foot gear on my way into the house.

Your gardener doesn’t walk in the garden? Does he or she shovel manure or mulch? Ever walk the dog in rain or snow? A set of muck boots at the door can make many icky tasks a tad more pleasant. These boots have a lining that lets air circulate to reduce the buildup of moisture inside. While the boots are waterproof, they stretch enough for you to move naturally without straining your feet. They include a removable liner that provides support and comfort. The Hoser model muck boots stand 15″ high. Give your gardener muck boots this holiday.

Click here to order: Muck Boots: Hoser Garden Boots

Muck Boots: Scrubs Garden Boots

Low-Top Muck Boots

While most gardeners will find plenty of use for muck boots, not everyone gardens in fifteen inches of muck. The Scrub model of muck boots stands only 9 inches high, but affords plenty of protection for most messy activities. LIke the Hoser model, these muck boots have a lining that lets air circulate to reduce the buildup of moisture inside. While the boots are waterproof, they stretch enough for you to move naturally without straining your feet. They include a removable liner that provides support and comfort.

Click here to order: Muck Boots: Scrubs Garden Boots

Radius Garden Pro Digging Fork Radius Garden Pro Shovel

Great Garden Tools!

Unless your gardener uses hydroponics or otherwise plants in containers, great digging tools always make great gifts. The Radius Garden Pro Digging Fork is lightweight and durable. The handle and grip are obviously unconventional, but they provide mechanical advantage, reducing stress on the gardener’s arms and back. Such a radical design looks pricey, but Radius tools are surprisingly inexpensive considering their quality.

Click here to buy the Radius Garden Pro Digging Fork

While a garden fork is terrific for turning soil in a planting bed or working weeds out of the soil in the spring, sometimes your gardener must use a shovel. There’s none better than the Radius Garden Pro shovel. The pointed blade cuts through soil and roots and, of course, is handy for digging holes for trees, shrubs, and annual seedlings. The shovel also moves soil, compost, sand, and manure that a garden fork simply can’t contain.

Click here to buy the Radius Garden Pro Shovel

8-Panel Raised Garden Bed Kit

Eleven Inch Raised Planting Bed

So many visitors to Your Small Kitchen Garden come looking for raised planting beds. In a past post, I calculated the costs to build a raised bed yourself… and it’s not cheap. I’ve also provided affiliate links to raised beds for sale at… but those raised beds are scary expensive. Finally, I’ve affiliated with an on-line garden store that sells relatively inexpensive raised planting beds. Their Raised Garden Planter Kit comes in two depths: a 5.5 inch deep bed, or an 11 inch deep bed. These are made of resin textured and colored to look like wood. They should last for decades.

The kit includes steel corner posts to hold the retaining walls to the ground, and connectors to keep the panels from separating. These raised beds are easy to set up, and you can combine several kits to make larger planting areas. Each kit makes a 46″ square. Check them out; this is the best price I’ve ever seen for raised bed kits of this quality.

Click here to order: 8-Panel Raised Garden Bed Kit

14 Cu. Ft. Garden and Farm Cart

Garden Hand Truck

If your gardener’s kitchen garden isn’t so small, there are times when a mere wheelbarrow won’t be able to handle the load. A 14 cubic foot Garden and Farm Cart changes the way a gardener thinks about hauling. This cart holds up to 400 pounds – soil, manure, gravel, sand, compost, stone, firewood, water buckets, tools… it’s astonishing how easily you can move them around. My family had one of these at our weekend farm. Even as a kid, I could run a load of manure from the horse stall to the garden, or move a load of logs to transfer to the car. The garden and farm cart rolls on large bicycle wheels which make it very maneuverable. Give the gardener in your life a gardening hand truck.

Click here to order: 14 Cu. Ft. Garden and Farm Cart

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