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What if George and Boo Boo Were Chilis?

The world’s smallest chili pepper seemed to enjoy the attention at Guinness’s press event earlier this year.

Remember when Giant George and Boo Boo made national news? They met in New York City’s Central Park: the world’s largest living dog and the world’s smallest living dog according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Your Small Kitchen Garden remembers. The original story was so absurd (as in: Really? This received press coverage?), it got me thinking. What if Giant George and Boo Boo had been chili peppers?

World’s Largest Chili Meets World’s Smallest Chili

Have you heard of George and Boo Boo? They are a television sit com waiting to happen.

Giant George was a little shy when he first met Boo Boo. The two kept their distance for several minutes before warming up to each other.

Giant George is the world’s largest chili pepper. Boo Boo is the world’s smallest chili. To celebrate the latest issue of The Guinness Book of World Records, Giant George and Boo Boo met recently in central Pennsylvania.

Boo Boo is a fully-ripe Jalapeno pepper that stands just ¾ of an inch tall. Monster chili pepper Giant George stands over five inches. “Sure,” the peppers’ handler explains. “There are bigger chili peppers. But if Guinness had such a category, George would hold the world record for Hungarian Banana peppers growing in a flower pot on my deck.”

Amazingly, when they first met, Goliath George was more timid toward Boo Boo than Boo Boo was toward George.

The complete lack of media attention at the meetup of these two unique chili peppers left them to get acquainted. It took just a few minutes for Giant George to lighten up. Soon, the two chilies were sharing stories and telling jokes as though they’d known each other for years (chili pepper years).

By the time the two chilies parted, they had gotten very close and vowed that they’d get together again soon. I couldn’t help but point out: If Giant George had rolled over, Boo Boo would have been chili sauce—though not much.

When the world’s smallest chili pepper and the world’s largest chili pepper got together, they became Best Friends For Life. Later, the two met up with some neighborhood onions and tomatoes and made salsa.


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