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My Book!

I wrote a book about preserving food. The same step-by-step instruction and full-color photos you find in my blog. Buy it at Yes, You Can 

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Sprouts is a terrific source for certified organic seeds intended for home sprouting. Dress up salads, stir-fry, sandwiches, spreads, and other dishes with homegrown sprouts of all kinds. Follow this link to order your sampler or to find home sprouting kits.


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Hire me to speak at your conference, committee meeting, association, or club! My talk, Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too, draws from my book by that name and from things I’ve learned since the book went to press. Preserving produce is a very popular topic as more people grow their own and shop locally to reduce their impact on the planet.

I live to speak in front of groups, and am happy to tailor a presentation to your audience – people seem particularly engaged when I bring samples of home-preserves to taste. I tend to get excited, so move the furniture out of the way. Topics about which I’m passionate include…

  • Debunking Common Gardening Claims
  • Planting for Preserving
  • Growing Food in Small Spaces
  • just about anything having to do with home preserving

My keynote presentation, The Decline of Food: A Produce Gardening Imperative is a terrific motivational talk to kick off harvest festivals and organic gardening events.

I’ve registered with the website Great Garden Speakers. Here’s a link to my profile: Daniel on Great Garden Speakers.

Internet Presence and Social Media Marketing

If I’m passionate about home vegetable gardening and preserving, I’m even more excited about how the Internet affects my world. I’ve been involved in publishing since the early 1980s, and I marvel at how different things are today. Having worked as a business analyst for much of my career, I remain a student of technology and business process. Having also been a writer, I’m alarmed at how slowly many of my peers are noticing that the Internet matters. I teach Internet Marketing to businesses, economic development groups, civic organizations, nonprofits … whoever is ready to get on board before the Internet leaves them behind.

Invite me to your organization to help with your transformation. In an hour, I motivate your employees or members to take a hard look at the Internet and I explain where they need to focus. I teach half-day seminars, full-day workshops, and even two-day social media marketing boot camps. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Daniel Gasteiger, Social Marketing Evangelist
phone: 570-768-5508
email: Daniel

Upcoming Events

Scheduling now for fall of 2013 and spring of 2014.


Call 570-768-5508


Running an event in central Pennsylvania or in the Finger Lakes region of New York this spring or summer? Please get in touch; perhaps I can fill a last-minute opening.

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  • Not the type to hire a speaker but very glad educated presenters are available. My wife and I took to homesteading about a decade ago. Today, the mason jars are filled every fall. We are eating much healthier and our grocery bill has gone down dramatically, but not only in the summer and fall. Canning and dehydrating has helped us to extend the bounty well into the winter months. More people should be aware of how easy it is to provide for ones family from their own organic gardens.

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