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Yard Bird Update

While it’s nice to have a Yard Bird standing watch to greet visitors, I think I’d go for a slightly taller sculpture for this spot. Short or tall, a Yard Bird at your door will start a lot of conversations.

Visitors to Your Small Kitchen Garden blog seem to like Yard Birds as much as I do. I introduced these handmade folk-art lawn and garden sculptures at the end of July.

A local machine repairman designs and assembles Yard Birds using parts of gardening tools and farm machinery. He sells his whimsical garden creatures on the lawn of a church during Lewisburg’s annual Festival of the Arts. Through the rest of the year, the unsold Yard Birds live in the tool shed behind his house.

Yard Birds have clearly found a second home here at Your Small Kitchen Garden. I’ve had to remove some from the Yard Bird Store, but I’ve also added several new designs. The artist has created a few small Yard Birds crafted from hand tools rather than full-sized tools. While a Yard Bird made from a typical garden shovel might stand about 20 inches tall, starting with smaller hand tools results in more demure Yard Birds running about 12 to 18 inches tall.

A big-old subwoofer in the corner of a room doesn’t add a lot to your décor… unless there’s a Yard Bird standing on it. Speakers, end tables, stereo cabinets, even spaces between chairs make great perches for these happy creatures.

As I become more involved with Yard Birds, I see more and more possibilities for them. Turns out they add just as much whimsy to a music room or a front step as they do to a garden. If there’s a large potted plant in the lobby or conference room of your office building, a Yard Bird or two would add unique conversational flare. I’d have one in my cubicle or office if I still lived the nine-to-five life.

Visit the Yard Bird Store and find your gardening or work companion.

I’ve seen some unusual artwork in people’s music rooms. Seems about time for Yard Birds to move in as well. It’s kind of fun having this inquisitive bird kibitz while I’m tickling the ivories.


When last I visited with the artist of the original Yard Bird, a group of his creations clambered out of his shed onto the lawn for a group picture. These haven’t yet made it into the on-line store, but if you see one that interests you, drop me a note and I’ll add it.


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2 Responses to “Yard Bird Update”

  • Funny putting them in the house. Maybe the spider can come sit on my desk during the winter months. He can join all his little friends in the house (yuck!). How about some yardbirds playing pool?

  • admin:

    I had a Yard Bird watching me play pool for a while; it stood at the end of the table just out of the way of people shooting. It looked OK there but it didn’t improve my shooting at all. Hadn’t thought to ask it to play a rack. Hm…

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