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Veggie Bags Giveaway from Your Small Kitchen Garden

How many tons of plastic bags do you figure Americans mindlessly fill with produce, put on the checkout scales, and eventually toss in the trash? I’ve seen people put already-wrapped produce into these things… and such bags are the only option when you select from open bins and refrigerator compartments in a grocery store’s produce section. If, once they reach the ocean, any plastic bags look to predators like jellyfish, these produce bags must be the worst. How many did you bring home this week?

Please be aware that this giveaway ended on June 6, 2011 as explained below.

Your Small Kitchen Garden announces a new giveaway! This one’s a bit unusual, so here’s some background:

Be Green and Re-use

Remember when I tried to grow a small kitchen garden in some reusable grocery bags? The bags were pretty disappointing as planters, but I continue to applaud them for their intended purpose: When I shop, I carry six or more reusable grocery bags, and I almost never bring home those non-biodegradable plastic bags that you find at nearly every checkout counter.

Then I met the owner of a local manufacturing company that developed and produces something they call Veggie Bags. These bags fill a green niche that I’d never thought much about: Think of those rolls of flimsy, light-weight plastic bags that have strategic locations throughout produce and meat departments at nearly every grocery store in the country. Veggie Bags make “disposable” plastic produce bags obsolete (see photos).

The translucent white drawstring bags in this photo hold onions and carrots from loose bins at the local farmers’ market. The bags are strong yet sheer enough that they have no significant impact when you weigh them along with the produce that you put in them.

Qualify to Win Veggie Bags

The manufacturer of Veggie Bags – Equinox – and Your Small Kitchen Garden have teamed up for this modest giveaway. Each of two winners will receive one set of Veggie Bags. We’ll select the winners at random from all qualified entries. Here’s how to earn qualifying entries:

1. Leave a comment in response to this blog post and reassure us that if you win a set of Veggie Bags, you’ll remember to take them shopping with you and decrease the world’s dependency on petroleum.

That’s all you need to do to enter… a comment qualifies as one entry, but multiple comments from the same email address do not qualify as additional entries. If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, the following activities will earn further entries:

2. Tweet a link to this giveaway including the hash tag #SMGbags. Each tweet having a unique calendar date qualifies as an entry (so, only one tweet per day qualifies).

3. Post a status update on Facebook linking to this giveaway and including the hash tag #SMGbags. Each Facebook update having a unique calendar date qualifies as an entry (so, only one update per day qualifies).

4. Announce this giveaway on your own blog complete with a link to this post, then email me at with a link to your post. Each blog that announces this giveaway earns two qualified entries in the drawing.

The last day to qualify for entries in this drawing is Sunday, June 5. We’ll select the two winners using a random number generator and post results on Monday, June 6, 2011.

A set of four Veggie Bags comes packed with the three larger bags folded inside the smallest bag. It’s a tidy package that you might not recreate once you put these work horses into service.

Here, all four bags lie stacked, revealing that the bags are a fine, see-through mesh. The smallest bag might be appropriate to carry nuts or candy from bulk bins. The larger bags can handle whatever produce you wish to carry in them.

For contrast, I put five pounds of potatoes into the largest Veggie Bag in my set. The weight didn’t seem to stress the bag’s seams or the drawstring. I’m pleased to use Veggie Bags and further reduce the number of plastic bags I bring home from my shopping trips each week. Leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win your own set of veggie bags


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18 Responses to “Veggie Bags Giveaway from Your Small Kitchen Garden”

  • These look wonderful! We still come home from the store with too many produce bags. We’re much better at bringing our own bags, even the produce bags, to the Farmers’ Market. I’d love to win!

  • This is a great idea! I love eco-friendly innovation. This one is genius. Thanks guys!

  • Oh, my. If my daughter finds out about these, she’ll never let me use the store’s bag-on-a-roll again! Very sensible, very green. I’d love to have some.

  • cavernap:

    These bags would be a great addition to my collection of reusable grocery bags. I have trained myself over the years to always put the reusable bags back in my car after unloading the groceries, so they are ready for the next trip to the market.

  • Kelly Barbieri:

    I avoid the supermarket veggie bags if possible and go without when only buying one or two of something. Otherwise I reuse them for collecting kitchen compost, storing things, small garbage bag for the car, etc…I would definately use reusable if it were available.

  • Kitty:

    I will take the bag with me when I grocery shop to reduce my consumption of plastic bags.

  • Nik Luciano:

    Wow,these are great! With these I can avoid the strange looks I get when putting my produce into a cotton pillowcase.

  • Jennie:

    These look great! I’d love to use them at the grocery store, but they’d also be perfect for the farmer’s market!

  • Love these, have been looking for some! I reuse the plastic ones now if I have them but these are so much better. (glad to find your blog and love the puppy pics…she’s going to be a handsome girl!)

  • Renee:

    I just completed my set of reusable grocery bags (enough to hold all of my big-trip shopping items) and would love to have these veggie bags to go along with them!

  • Erin:

    These look fabulous, would love to win some and would definately put them to use. What a great product.

  • What a great idea! Perfect way to let veggies breath and still keep them contained! Thank you.

  • I SO want to win these! I’d remember them on every trip!

  • Kay:

    My sister uses produce bags similar to these and she thinks they are great. I would love to try it and my kids are excited about the idea of further reducing grocery store bag waste!

  • Anne:

    I always feel guilty when I use those produce bags. I already take cloth bags every where I go. These would be a perfect addition to my stash in my trunk.

  • Joanie:

    These would be wonderful at the farmers market. I’ve also taken a copy this to our co-op to see if they can order these. thanks!

  • Xan:

    We just wrested and recycled nearly 1,000 saved plastic bags from my mother-in-law, who insisted that she needs them to take to the market with her (but she always forgets them). I’d love to have a set of these to leave in the car so when I take her shopping she’s actually got these reusable bags– satisfies her frugality and my sustainability in one blow!

  • These look great! I always cringe when I need a veggie bag at the store. It’s about time we use reusable bags for this too.

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