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Someone is Eating My Yard

It looks as though either someone big took one bite out of this clump of wild onions or someone small bit off a few dozen onion stalks. Either way, it has me musing about the viability of wild onion as a ground cover. If my lawn had a dense cover of this stuff, mowing—or even just walking on it—would throw up a delicious aroma.

With spring refusing to show itself, my small kitchen garden is nearly barren. Only my herb bed and the rhubarb patches show signs of life—not even weeds have stirred where I hope to plant annuals when? Last week?

My yard, however, has awakened. Tufts of grass are green and growing. Along the margins, wild onions grow in clumps. Crocuses, lambs ears, and forget-me-nots encroach from the ornamental beds into the lawn.

I noticed a few days back that the wild onions and crocuses aren’t entirely happy. Someone seems to enjoy nibbling them. I wonder if it’s the same someone who chews the bark off of apple twigs I prune from my trees? My brother suggests deer, but I’m more suspicious of rabbits and woodchucks.

Is anyone eating your yard?

I wonder if whoever has been eating the wild onions in my yard has also been eating the crocuses. I thought the good stuff of a crocus plant was the pollen—and that from a variety of crocus that flowers in autumn.

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3 Responses to “Someone is Eating My Yard”

  • Hmmmm…. I as well would suspect deer! Only because based on personal experience that nothing is sacred for at least a taste by a deer. Like humans they seem to have distinct personal tastes. I see the usual suspect individuals bee line to their favorites in my landscape and garden and ignore what their buddies seem to just love. At least whatever it was it was courteous enough to leave your crocus blooms intact!

  • Laea:

    I hear those wild onions might be poisonous to humans. Is that true?

  • Daniel Gasteiger:

    Laea – Wild onions and garlic contain a toxin that can sicken or kill a dog but that is relatively harmless to humans. Beware, however, that there are plants that look similar and that are poisonous to people. Always take a good sniff and be certain the plant smells like onions or garlic before you start eating it. The poisonous imposters don’t smell like onions.

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