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I wrote a book about preserving food. The same step-by-step instruction and full-color photos you find in my blog. Buy it at Yes, You Can 

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Sprouts is a terrific source for certified organic seeds intended for home sprouting. Dress up salads, stir-fry, sandwiches, spreads, and other dishes with homegrown sprouts of all kinds. Follow this link to order your sampler or to find home sprouting kits.


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Small Kitchen Garden Vlog Update: Critters!

Robins have nested on our bird feeder twice in past years. This one gave up the feeder after a few days and settled instead on one of our outdoor lights. It spends a lot of time scavenging mud from my kitchen garden.

I started the Small Kitchen Garden video blog on March 25th. In it I present short topics drawn from my day-to-day gardening, cooking, and food-preservation activities. So far, I’ve talked about planting seeds, making planters out off milk jugs, watering seeds and plants, potting up seedlings (moving seedlings from small pots into larger pots so they have room for growing root balls), and garden marauders.

One reason I started the vlog is that I’ve become very busy with a book project: I’m writing about preserving produce for long-term storage and we’re trying to get the book finished in time to publish during the fall harvest. My typical “how-to” blog post takes the better part of a day to prepare, and for the next few months it would be really hard to create but a few such posts.

Visit with the Gardener

Happily, a two-minute long show-and-tell video might take only an hour or so to shoot and post. So, while the kitchen garden season revs along, I’ll continue to invite readers of Your Small Kitchen Garden to “visit with the gardener” over on Youtube. I’ll still post here with short pieces, and between the blog and the vlog I’ll continue to present practical, kitchen gardening “lite” approaches.

Please visit my Youtube channel to see what’s going on in my small kitchen garden. While you’re there, subscribe if you have your own Youtube account.

Also: continue to leave comments and ask questions here on the blog… or over on the vlog. We’ve had a few good discussions on some of my recent posts, and I love to hear what’s on the minds of my fellow kitchen gardeners.

I’ve embedded a recent vlog post below in which I marvel at how quickly wild critters discover the benefits of agriculture. Do you have amusing critter stories to share? If you’ve posted any on your blog, how about leaving a note on this post with a link back to your story?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


One Response to “Small Kitchen Garden Vlog Update: Critters!”

  • I’m surprised the neighborhood robins havent’ been in and out of my garden snatching up all the worms I’ve uncovered through weeding. I know the soil is good and the food is there; so why aren’t the birds coming? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough/at the right times.

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