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Picture This from my Small Kitchen Garden

My small kitchen garden is almost down for the winter. Because there is so little left to do out there, I’ve spent much time lately using my camera to record the change of seasons. While composing shots, I’ve had two thoughts:

1. There is a lot of food out there drying on stalks, vines, trees, and bushes; wild animals will not go hungry. In fact, I might be able to forage enough to carry me though several weeks of winter.

2. So much of what looks dead or dying holds all the promise of life for the coming spring: leafless trees with tiny leaf buds, berries drying around seeds, pods rattling with next year’s babies… autumn is when nature stages things for the big show.

The End of the Line

One of the many gardening blogs I try to follow—Gardening Gone Wild—runs a monthly photo contest called Picture This. I happened in to that blog yesterday and saw that November’s Picture This contest theme is “The End of the Line.”

The theme relates to the ending of the growing season, and reading the Picture This guidelines provided me with a new spin for many of the photos I’ve taken. I picked one to submit to the contest. When I created the photo, it was about the play of sunlight among the pampas grass clusters, on the lawn, and in the orange leaves of the one tree still holding leaves. But recasting the photo under the theme of “The End of the Line” refocuses my attention on so many elements…

Here’s my photographic interpretation of the garden theme, “The End of the Line.”

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