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How Now, Chow Chow?

Sweet Peppers

Every chow chow recipe I’ve seen includes sweet peppers. Maybe I’ll use some of these.

I keep hearing about chow chow and how desperately I need to try making some. Since learning of this concoction of veggies (and sometimes fruit) that sends many home canners into orbit, I’ve noticed several articles and blog posts about the stuff. I took particular notice recently when I saw jars of chow chow judged at a local county fair. It’s time to take chow chow seriously!

I can’t tell you what produce should be in chow chow. Every jar at the county fair had its own mix of vegetable chunks. Honestly, none made me want to pop a lid and dig in, so I’m taking it on faith when enthusiasts tell me chow chow is to die for. Maybe I’ll chop some together from what’s left in my garden. I found a recipe on another blog I might try: (Southern Chow Chow from the Garden). Or… do you have a chow chow recipe you’d like to recommend? If so, please leave a link in a comment below.


6 Responses to “How Now, Chow Chow?”

  • I have never heard of chow chow … now I am intrigued. I am definitely going to have to check this out since I love peppers.

  • Daniel, I can tell you how to make jam and marmalade, but I haven’t delved into any of the relishes yet. I didn’t do a very ambitious garden this year, maybe next. But I am getting a steady supply of tomatoes from the garden, so I’m happy.

  • Sue Hill:

    This sounds like a piccalilli we make in the uk but add a teaspoon of english mustard and cornflower to thicken the sauce, instead of cabbage we use cauliflower omit most of the chillies and so far its not sounding the same is i. But it tastes nice!

  • Daniel Gasteiger:

    Sue: Thank you for your comment. Perhaps piccalilli is British English for chow chow? It reflects what I’ve read about chow chow: everywhere you go, people have unique recipes. I’d summarize them as follows: chow chow is chopped vegetables pickled.

  • Daniel Gasteiger:

    Jean: Thank you for visiting! The tomatoes might be enough on their own. When we moved to central PA, that first spring I planted six tomato plants even though I was working up in Connecticut and wasn’t home to care for them. That was my whole kitchen garden, and it was very special. Now, on October 3rd, I have about 10 decent tomatoes ripening in the dining room… and about four that I’ll harvest from the garden in the next few days. Sad to see the season end, but very glad to have so much of it preserved in jars and in the freezer! I hope to go big next year and get on to relishes and other preserves!

  • Daniel Gasteiger:

    Mike: Thanks for visiting! Apparently, chow chow recipes from the southwest put more emphasis on peppers and heat than do the ones from my neighborhood. Seems to me a small-batch canning session may be in order to bottle up half a dozen or so regionally-specific varieties of chow chow.

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