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Hawaii at the 183rd Philadelphia Flower Show

I had the great pleasure on Friday to attend the Media Preview of the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show. The theme this year is Hawaii, and as impressive as last year’s show might have been, this show has moved me so much more.

Exhibitors went all out to create Hawaiian themed gardens and landscapes. It’s a bit of a stretch when you consider that attendees can’t take home what they see as inspiration for their own gardens; Hawaiian plants simply won’t survive winters in Pennsylvania. On the other hand, the Philly Flower Show is way more than a preview of the coming growing season. Besides, there are plenty of gardens to visit in-season in Pennsylvania if you want ideas for your own yard.

Go to the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show

If you’ve never been to a flower show, go to this one. It might spoil you for all other flower shows, but considering the experience you’ll have at this one, so what? If you have been to flower shows, then visit the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show and compare. I think you’ll find this one is special. The slide show below shows images I captured on the eve of the show as exhibitors were putting the final touches on their displays. Please leave a comment with your experiences or opinions from this year’s show:

3 Responses to “Hawaii at the 183rd Philadelphia Flower Show”

  • The Ireland garden was cleverly designed (not by me) using plants which should b useable in PA as well as Ireland. I believe next years theme is English Country Garden!

  • Have never been, but your report makes me want to go next year!
    ps: are there really no Hawaiian plants that can survive Pennsylvania’s climate?

  • I was there. decided to downsize and bring my husband’s point and shoot, which died as soon as I took three photos! I loved that kitchen garden in the middle. There were some cool vendors too. and the wine tasting is a pretty fantastic way to end…

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