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Happy Holidays from Your Small Kitchen Garden

A Yard Bird posed for photos next to the Small Kitchen Garden family Christmas tree before shipping out to a customer the week before Christmas. Thanks to all who have purchased Yard Birds in 2009. The artist has some new ideas he plans to express in his 2010 creations.

While my small kitchen garden sleeps through the winter, I’m enjoying a laid back holiday. We’ve had various visitors at dinners or sleeping over, and we’ve had some terrific meals including beef fondue on Chirstmas eve, and a very Thanksgiving-like turkey dinner on Christmas day.

I, the kitchen gardener, have had an ear infection, and so have not been as productive as I’d like. However, I finally pulled together a holiday greeting for visitors to Your Small Kitchen Garden blog. It’s a one-minute-long video of scenes on a snowy day in the kitchen garden. I made the video with thoughts of my gardening friends who live in southern climates or coastal states and never get to experience the proverbial white Christmas.

Even more, I made this holiday video with all of my blog’s visitors in mind: Thank you for reading, for leaving comments, and for providing encouragement for me to continue the blog. As the growing season wound down, so did the blog entries… but I have plenty of material I hope to write about through the winter, and I anticipate new projects in the spring will produce a whole new series of posts. Please, keep gardening, and enjoy the season!



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6 Responses to “Happy Holidays from Your Small Kitchen Garden”

  • Joan:

    Snow! I love snow! I hope you have a Happy New Year.

  • Thanks for sharing your garden and your thoughts throughout the year. Look forward to another year of seeing what you’re up to.


  • Thanks for sharing the beauty! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Have I recommended the Neti Pot to you? It helps me fend off sinus infections.

  • admin:

    Joan: You too! Have a terrific year.

    Kerry: I also look forward to the ideas you post. Thank you for visiting.

    Daisy: Thank you for visiting. Haven’t tried a Neti Pot, though several friends have suggested it. I may give it a go – the social pressure is growing ;-)

  • Loved your video. We’re in the mountain and get plenty of snow! I enjoy your ideas and think you have a great sense of gardening! Thanks.

  • For those of us who grew up in snow but now live amid palm trees, thank you for the wonderful video. I could watch it over and over.
    Happy New Year – until 2010 when I can regale you with my veggie gardening efforts in the desert.

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