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Get Some Gardening Friends

Here’s a useful gardening tip: find a group of people that shares your enthusiasm and participate with them. My first group of gardening friends happened to be online when I started blogging about gardening. I found them mostly on Twitter and some through their blogs.

Later, I joined the Garden Writers Association (GWA) because many of my online gardening friends are members, and I write quite a bit about gardening. Some of my favorite gardeners are in GWA and I always enjoy attending seminars, conferences, and garden tours with them.

Happy Birthday with GWA

This has been an awkward year: my dad moved out of our family home of 52 years, and I’ve spent an enormous amount of time in Ithaca, NY clearing out the house and helping my dad settle into his new apartment. Happily, in February I broke away from the house and attended a GWA training seminar in Allentown.

Awesome gardening mug

I never would have expected it, but when I attended a GWA seminar on my birthday, some of my gardening friends gave me this very appropriate coffee mug.

That seminar happened to fall on my Birthday. At a party afterward, some of my GWA friends gave me a coffee mug that gives me a lift every time I use it. I’m sure I haven’t thanked them enough and I’m writing about it now because I just treated myself to hot chocolate from the mug.

This has me thinking about all the great people I’ve met through my gardening activities. I learn a lot from them, and I look forward to seeing them when the opportunities arise. (Online I’ve “met” a few people in England and Australia I’d love to visit some time.) When your family and your generic friends roll their eyes and question your gardening passion, it’s great to know people who completely understand.

Get some gardening friends. You’re welcome.

Want your own Vegetable Garden Quick Start mug? You can buy one at Cafe Press. Please help support my blog by purchasing through this link: Quick Start Mug.

One Response to “Get Some Gardening Friends”

  • Amy:

    I’m thinking perhaps I need a few gardening friends online. My son, who is almost 9 sometimes gets in the spirit with me, my husband not so much- though he lets me putter around and helps when I ask.

    Also how thoughtful of them to give you the mug – I bet you love drinking from it – gifts that evoke good and happy memories are the best.

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