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Free Seeds from Your Small Kitchen Garden

FREE SEED OFFER HAS EXPIRED. Please note: The next-to-last paragraph in this post reads: This offer is good through February 5, 2010.

This 20 pound neck pumpkin went into canning jars and so far has produced a delicious pumpkin cake. I can’t promise your neck pumpkins will grow so large, but they’ll have a chance if they are offspring of this bad boy.

FREE SEEDS! Your Small Kitchen Garden blog is giving away a bunch of seeds to encourage kitchen gardeners everywhere, and to spread some fun. Do you remember that Neck Pumpkin and the Blue Hubbard squash I wrote about in November and December? Or, maybe you read about the amazing chili-pepper-shaped paste tomatoes I grew in 2009?

While you’re planning your 2010 kitchen garden, consider this: Until I’ve no more to distribute, I’ll mail a modest set of seeds to each person who leaves a qualifying comment in response to this blog post. A seed set will include six Blue Hubbard squash seeds, six Neck Pumpkin seeds, and 20 or more paste tomato seeds. It’s not a lot of seeds, but it should be enough for you to start your own tradition with these squashes and tomatoes (should you decide to do so).

Someone told me they read that a Blue Hubbard squash was the model for the alien pods in one of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers movies. This Blue Hubbard weighed in at 27 pounds. Leave a qualifying comment for a chance to receive six seeds from this squash.

Qualify for a Seed Set

Here’s how to get your seed set: Leave a comment in response to this blog post telling me you want to receive seeds and explaining (in one or two sentences) which of the three plants you most want to grow and why. While your comments will be judged on the basis of creativity and humorousness, the only criterion for selection is the order in which I receive them.

A neighbor has been growing chili-pepper-shaped sauce tomatoes for decades and these are from that family line. The tomatoes are nearly all-meat, and they taste terrific raw. Plants are indeterminate, and fruits can weigh from eight to 16 ounces.

In other words: first-come, first-served. When I run out of complete sets, I’ll send whatever combination of seeds remains until all the seeds are gone. I expect the Blue Hubbard squash seeds to run out first, then the Neck Pumpkin seeds, and finally the sauce tomato seeds, so if you want all three, leave your comment early. Oh, and please keep it at one seed set per person.

Receiving Your Seed Set

Once you leave a comment to this post, use the Contact Us form to drop me a note that includes your snail mail address. Make sure you include the same email address that you use in your comment; I’ll use email addresses to match each Contact Us form to a comment… so if the addresses don’t match, you might not receive your seeds.

This offer is good through February 5, 2010.

My Australian friend who goes by @GardenBy on Twitter brought to my attention that there may be issues with mailing live seeds to international destinations. I once researched import laws of shipping seeds to Australia and was discouraged by what I read (mostly that there was so much to read and interpret and I could never do an adequate job research such issues on a country-by-country basis). So… I regret that I must amend this giveaway with the restriction that I will ship seeds only to people in the United States of America and Canada. Thanks for understanding.

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63 Responses to “Free Seeds from Your Small Kitchen Garden”

  • [...] mailing out more than 40 packs of these seeds in the coming week. If you left a comment on my post Free Seeds from Your Small Kitchen Garden, did you also send your mailing address to me via the web site’s Contact Us form? I noticed [...]

  • I’d love to try all three! I’ve never seen the chili pepper shaped tomatoes before and I live in a great area for growing tomatoes.

  • Emma:

    hi i would like some seeds to get me back into gardening and to get the bugs and wildlife back into my garden thanks

  • Melanie:

    Thanks for the seeds! I am excited about growing the chili pepper shaped paste tomatoes. I found this image on Google: Paste Tomatoes
    Do you think this is them? Super Italian Paste?

    Thanks again.

  • admin:

    Melanie: Those Super Italian Paste tomatoes look very similar to the ones I’ve grown. Two possibilities: 1. There is a chili-pepper-shaped tomato that some people call Super Italian Paste, others call German Tomato, and others call Andes. 2. There are several chili-pepper-shaped varieties.

    I lean toward #2: there are several chili-pepper-shaped varieties. I’ve two reasons for this bias. The first is that the Super Italian Paste looks a bit different to me than the ones I’ve grown – the attached stems just don’t look the same, and the tomatoes’ shapes on average seem slightly different (but I could be wrong… I’d need to see whole plants for an honest comparison. The second reason for my bias is the evaluation of the Super Italian Paste on the site you identified: they say the tomato is productive but bland. I found the tomatoes to be very flavorful; good enough that I used a bunch in salads as well as in cooked sauces.

    Several months ago I tracked down a variety called Andes at this address: Andes Tomato The one they show is a perfect match for my tomatoes, and the description also is a match: “Meaty with few seeds and rich flavor.”

    Maybe Andes and Super Italian Paste are the same tomato, but if they are, someone’s taste buds are in serious disagreement.

  • Belinda Green:

    My whole family LOVE to eat squash, and I planted some last year, this year I am expanding my garden to twice the size so I can plant more of everything, I would like to grow enough squash for all my friends and family.

  • elena:

    I would love to try the seeds,tomato first,but also pumpkin!

  • Sven Wylde:

    Would like to grow all three, actually as part of a garden we have started to help developmentally disabled individuals learn vocational skills. Our programs called Independence Network. We will use produce for cooking classes and/or give it to food banks.

  • Victoria:

    I would love pumpkin seeds! I wanna grow them in time for halloween so that I might carve one into a carriage and then add wheels, a shaft and a breyer model horse, and then it will be driven my a model of grim reaper and its passenger will be a skeleton bride on the way to her wedding, the horse will have plumes on its bridle and spikes on its kness, and i will paint birthday candles and their holders silver and place them on top of pumpkin carriage and then light them! It will be the centre piece of my halloween party 2010!!!

  • ron arnold:

    I would like to try out your seeds im going to start a garden and give this a try

  • The tomatoes look really nice – are they still green when ripe and do they have a peppery after taste? I’m starting to sprout some of the hottest chillies where I bought their seeds online and am awaiting now with eager, glee and excitement but that neck pumpkin deserves a medal!

  • Daniel Gasteiger:

    The tomatoes ripen to a deep red and are very tomatoey… no peppery flavor at all. Good luck with the chilies! Hottest ones I’ve grown are jalapenos–would be curious to hear your experiences with mouth-blistering chilies.

  • Realizing the offer is long closed, just wanted to say I am glad folk are still doing things like this and promoting the culture of growing ones own food.

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