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December 2011 Post Produce: BBQ Pizza Sauce

Looking a lot like a calzone, my folded pizza contains BBQ sauce I made using produce from my own garden.

With this, the first Post Produce of winter, my small kitchen garden is dormant, though not frozen. It is crazy warm for late December, but rain keeps me away from the garden. Thank goodness for canning!

For a few weeks this summer I harvested tomatoes from my kitchen garden. I canned tomato sauce and diced tomatoes, and I used some of the tomato sauce to make Pear and Tomato BBQ sauce… which brings me to today’s Post Produce post.

Folded BBQ Pizza

I discovered that I really like pizza with Pear and Tomato BBQ sauce in place of traditional pizza sauce. When I started to make some pizza, I also discovered that my pizza paddle is broken, so I made what I dubbed “folded pizza.”

My folded pizzas look a lot like Calzone. They’re really easy to make, and they taste fine with traditional tomato-based pizza sauce, or with pear and tomato BBQ sauce. The photos tell the story.

Use whatever pizza dough recipe you prefer, and make each folded pizza starting with a chunk of dough slightly larger than a golf ball. Heavily flour an otherwise clean counter, and use a rolling pin to flatten the dough into a six- to eight-inch disk about 1/8 of an inch thick.

Leave a generous border around the sauce when you spread it on the pizza blank. Cover the sauce with shredded mozzarella cheese, then fold the blank in half.

Align the edges of the folded pizza blank, and fold the dough over along the entire edge. Crease the dough along the fold and then fold in the edge a second time. Press firmly so the folded material sticks together reliably. Set the filled, folded, and crimped blank on a baking sheet that you’ll covered liberally with corn meal; there’s no need to grease the pan.

One you’ve made an air-tight seal along the edges of your folded pizza, stab a few holes in the crust using a sharply pointed knife or some other sharp implement. By the way, you can put these pretty close together on the baking pan; they don’t rise a lot. Bake the folded pizzas at 375F degrees for about 12 minutes. The top crusts should develop a golden-brown. Sadly, even with the vent holes you poke through the dough, pressure may build up during baking and cause melted cheese and BBQ sauce to ooze out. When that happens, I scrape up the mass, let it cool, and snack on it.

Post Your Produce!

The 22nd is Post Produce day. Please join me and other bloggers and share whatever you’re consuming from your garden. Whether it’s still growing in your garden, you’re harvesting it for a meal, you’re preserving it, or you’re taking it out of your larder for dinner, blog about your homegrown produce, and then link to it below. For more information, follow this link to the Post Produce page.



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3 Responses to “December 2011 Post Produce: BBQ Pizza Sauce”

  • Pear tomato barbeque sauce sounds yummy. I didn’t have enough tomatoes this year to can.Great recipe! Looks easy to make.

  • Mark:

    We’ve made pizzas with “regular” bbq sauce but your pear, or more generally fruit approach is intriguing. And the folding over? I’m seeing this as a nice hand-held option for Pizza Movie Night.

  • Looks delicious. I’ve never made pear bbq sauce pizza but will definitely try it.

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