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Containers for Your Small Kitchen Garden

You can find gorgeous porcelain, stone, concrete, and other planters to dress up your small kitchen garden. These will range in price from tens of dollars to more than $1,000. This porcelain five-gallon planter is available from in Your Small Kitchen Garden store.

When a small kitchen garden must live in containers, people typically start with flower pots and other planters bought at garden stores and department stores. These are usually good choices because most manufacturers make planters that are durable and that provide adequate drainage. What’s more, many designs have garden themes and some fit well into typical settings (for example, you can find deck and rail planters shaped to saddle handrails—the design provides stability so you’re not likely to knock such a planter off the rail).

An Expensive Small Kitchen Garden

The down side of commercially-available planters is their expense. A planter that holds two or three gallons of soil can cost from $15 up to $1,400, depending on how fancy it is. If you’re matching planters to your décor, or trying to make a garden design statement, you can find a large selection of gorgeous containers.

The Topsy Turvy planter grows tomatos upside down. Hang the planter, insert the root ball of a young plant through the bottom of the bag, add soil and water, and you’ll reduce the hassles of growing tomatoes. This is one of the hanging planters available from in Your Small Kitchen Garden store.

More modestly, you can find rugged, attractive plastic or fiberglass planters at department stores and on line. The lowest prices I’ve found on durable five gallon planters were at Odd Lots—some cost less than a dollar per gallon. Other department stores feature similar planters for two to three dollars a gallon. While such inexpensive planters don’t come in a huge variety of designs, they should satisfy most container gardening enthusiasts.

Dirt Cheap Containers

If your small kitchen garden’s entire purpose is to help you economize, consider an unadorned, nursery pot. A gallon-sized nursery pot might cost a dollar and change. A five-gallon nursery pot (considered by many to be the appropriate size for a single tomato plant) could cost close to two dollars. Those are great prices for planters of such sizes, but understand that plants you buy from garden stores often come in nursery pots which most people discard after planting.

I don’t mean to denigrate the nursery pot; you can grow produce in a nursery pot for years if you don’t bang it around or poke holes in it with garden tools. And, if you’re planning to grow six tomato plants on your patio, your savings over grocery store prices will be much greater if you plant in two dollar nursery pots rather than $150 designer ceramic bowls.

Super Gardening Economy

Recently, the nursery pot has faced a contender for least-expensive commercial planter: the plant bag. A plant bag costs about half what you’d pay for a nursery pot of the same capacity.

A plant bag is, in fact, a durable plastic bag. Filled with soil, the bag stays open and upright, and you can plant in it as you would any flower pot. The bags are strong enough that you can lug them around your yard, patio, deck, or whatever… they are supposed to be viable replacements for nursery pots.

Novelty Small Kitchen Garden Planters

It’s probably big enough to grow no more than herbs, but it’s awesome cute. This planter would fit almost anywhere. It’s one of a collection of animal-themed planters available from in Your Small Kitchen Garden store.

Hanging planters, stacking planters, and strawberry pots have been very popular space-savers for the space-challenged gardener. The Topsy Turvy tomato planter became the rage some years ago. You insert the root ball of a growing tomato plant through the bottom of this hanging planter and the plant grows down. The planter is actually a fabric bag or pouch. It’s a terrific space-saver, though it’s very heavy when filled with soil and watered.

Other planting pouches are also available. Typically, these are cylindrical and have slits in the sides through which you insert the roots of growing plants.

Stacking planters and strawberry pots provide ways to plant many plants in a small footprint. Suppose you have room for a single large flower pot? A traditional pot might hold one large plant or two or three small plants. A stack of pots or a strawberry pot might hold six, twelve, or even more plants. Combine such a floor-standing planter high-rise with an overhead hanging planting bag, and you’ll get the greatest advantage from a very modest space.

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  • [...] admin created an interesting post today on Containers for You Small Kitchen Garden | Your Small Kitchen GardenHere’s a short outlineYou can find gorgeous porcelain, stone, concrete, and other planters to dress up your small kitchen garden. These will range in price from tens of dollars to. [...]

  • Last year I did some container gardening (tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash) in several buckets I bought at Dollar Store. I recommend making some holes in the bottom, either by drilling or nailing through the plastic. Much less expensive than pots.

  • Great ideas throughout your blog! Thanks for posting the container suggestions!

  • admin:

    Cindy: Thank you! You’ve submitted the perfect comment to serve as a segue to my next post which will be about finding less expensive alternatives to the gardening containers sold in garden stores and gardening departments.

    Sunflower Ranch: Thank you for visiting.

  • Jenni Sue Brannon:

    I know this is an old post but I’m wondering about planting fruit trees in a container. Where we live i cannot plant them in the ground (not allowed) but I would really like to have a few small trees to help feed my family. We are in MT so the wintering over in a container is my biggest worry.rnThanks in advance for any help you can offer.rnLove your site!!!

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