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Bloom Day in a Kitchen Garden, July 2013

Prescott Fond Blanc melon blossom

One hill of Prescott Fond Blanc melon plants is in bloom. So far I’ve seen only male flowers. Even beaten up at the end of the day they throw a bit of color from under the deep green leaves of the vines.

Another Bloom Day, another day in Ithaca. But I was home in Lewisburg over the weekend, and I captured blossoms as pixels. Many appear in this post.

For those who don’t know, Bloom Day is the creation of Carol at May Dreams Gardens. She encourages bloggers to post photos of whatever’s abloom in their own gardens and to create a path back to the posts. This way, she can enjoy flowers year-round; even when her plants lie dormant under snow.

My blossoms are all about food—but they’re as pretty as many purely ornamental blooms. Please have a look, and also hop over to May Dreams Gardens to see what other bloggers have shared.

Indigo Rose tomato blossom

There are already dozens of young tomatoes on my plants along with dozens of tomato flowers. This is an Indigo Rose flower which produces the “blackest” of “black” tomatoes. I understand they take a very long time to plump up and ripen, so I don’t expect to taste one until September. In the meantime, other varieties that haven’t yet set fruit should catch up and fill my salad bowl by early August.

Tomato blossom

Can’t say for sure what tomato variety produced this elaborate blossom. If it isn’t a Mortgage Lifter, it’s a Chianti Rose.

Pepper blossom

Many of my pepper plants have blossoms but my map of where I planted each variety was in Ithaca when I took these photos. My best guess is that this is an Orange Bell pepper blossom… but it could be a Sweet Italian pepper.

Onion blossom

The first onion blossom of this season erupted just in time for Bloom Day. As is often the case, someone needed to ham it up just as I snapped the photo.

Cilantro in bloom

Cilantro flowers drew another ham to my photo shoot. I’ve no fencing around my herb garden because no critters have ever eaten my herbs. However, this year someone has been eating my cilantro. On my next trip home, I’ll plant a patch inside my main garden fence and hope it matures in time for salsa season.

Lavender blossoms

There’s something new in my small kitchen garden: I have one lavender plant which happens to be in full bloom.

Oregano blossoms

Blossoms cover all three varieties of oregano in my herb garden.

Thyme blossoms

The thyme plants were anxious for some Bloom Day exposure. These delicate pink-purple blossoms were well-shaded by the towering stalks of nearby oregano plants.


3 Responses to “Bloom Day in a Kitchen Garden, July 2013”

  • What a great example that a functional garden can be a pretty garden! I love the onion blossoms-I had no idea they were so intricate. I also didn’t know I had to be on the lookout for male v. female melon flowers. I got all excited earlier today when I saw all the melon flowers I have, but now I’ll have to go look at them again and see if I can figure out what’s what.

  • Just found your blog and love it!

  • I agree with Dreamybee above…it’s amazing to see a garden that is edible AND beautiful…Happy Bloom Day!

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