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Post Produce in August 2013!

marketmore cucumber

One of more than a dozen cucumbers I’ve harvested this year. At least two dozen more are maturing on the plants, so I may be giving some away by the middle of next week.

I hope this month’s Post Produce finds you with an abundance of goodies fresh from your gardens! My tomatoes are slow-going due to very cool nights and little rain, but we’ve had two tomato salads and I’ve worked fresh tomatoes into a couple of cooked dishes as well.

Zucchini hasn’t broken away as it does traditionally. This, I think, is because I wasn’t here to harvest the first squash, and it grew very large. If zucchini is like other fruiting plants, successful reproduction slows further reproduction… if you don’t pick beans as they ripen, bean plants produce fewer beans—that seems to be how my zukes are performing.

On the other hand, cucumbers have come on very strong and I’ll be making spicy bread-and-butter pickles in the next day or two. It’s reassuring to see swarms of pollinators working the cucumber blossoms each day, though I’ve seen no honey bees on any of my vegetable flowers this season.

Carrots and onions are ready, but I haven’t started harvesting them. I have grabbed whatever tomatoes I could, and I’ve harvested a decent amount of wax beans from plants that seeded themselves last fall and have reached maturity weeks ahead of the beans I planted this season.

That’s the story! I love to be eating so much food from the garden, and there promises to be a whole lot more by next month’s Post Produce. What are you harvesting? Post about your own veggies and fruit, and use the linky widget after the last photo in this post to link back to it. I look forward to seeing what you have going on.

blue lake zucchini

This zucchini became 2 loaves of zucchini bread, and two large skillets of sautéed zucchini, onions, and tomatoes. I never much cared for zucchini but last year my kids insisted that zucchini bread is the best sweet quick bread. Of course, you can’t grow just enough zucchini for bread-making, so I’ve made peace with zuke as a side dish — sautéed, slawed, and even stuffed.

kentucky wonder wax beans

These wax beans came from seeds that sowed themselves last fall. They are Kentucky Wonder Yellow beans, which I didn’t know existed until last season. This year I’m growing a different variety of climbing wax beans which are a bit more delicate. Purple bush beans are in bloom, and I look forward to harvesting my first near the end of next week.

indigo rose tomato

Couldn’t resist trying Indigo Rose tomatoes billed as the darkest of the black tomatoes. They’re gorgeous in the garden. Even as they emerge from flowers, the tomatoes have deep purple tops extending about ¾ of the way to the bottoms. They take forever to ripen, but when they do, you notice a delightful red glow extending down from the purple. Sadly, the purple peels away with the skin, so they’re most attractive in applications where you wouldn’t peel them.


Now You Post Produce!

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