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Free Vegetable Seeds for 2013!

my favorite tomato variety

Possibly a Cornue Des Andes tomato, though I don’t know. These paste tomatoes are fine raw and they grow large on indeterminate plants.

Tomatoes, peppers, and winter squash from my garden to yours! As in some years past, I collected seeds from many of my crops in 2012, and I’d like to share them with my readers. The box titled, What Might You Get? lists the seeds I’m giving away and briefly describes the vegetables that should grow from them.

Here’s how the giveaway works:

I have quite a lot of seeds to give away and will organize them into “sets.” A complete set will include all the types of seeds listed in the What Might You Get? box. I’ll give away complete sets until I run out of a particular type of seed. Then, I’ll give away sets lacking whatever types of seeds I’m out of.

Here are the rules:

1. The seed giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday, February 24. No new entries or mailing list bumps are valid after that date.

cream sausage tomato

Fully-ripe cream sausage paste tomato. These grow on determinate plants.

2. Get on the mailing list by leaving a comment on this blog post. I’d love it if you’d tell me something about your garden and make me laugh.

3. Send me an email HERE that includes your snail mail address as well as the email address you use with your comment. If you plan to “bump” your entry (explained below), I’ll need your twitter name and/or facebook name so I can identify when you bump. If you post on your blog about the giveaway, include your blog’s URL in your email.

sweet Italian peppers

These beautiful red peppers were deliciously sweet. I collected a lot of seeds from them.

Completing items 2 and 3, gets you on to the end of my mailing list. I’ll mail seeds on a first-come-first served basis until I run out of sets… but there are some twists. You can move up on the mailing list by doing any or all of the following:

4. If you’re on Twitter, tweet a link to this giveaway that includes the hash tag #skgseeds.

5. If you’re on Facebook, post a link to this giveaway and include the hash tag #skgseeds in the text.

Each day that you Tweet or post on Facebook as explained in items 4 and 5, you’ll move up one place on the mailing list. The most you can move up in a calendar day is two places—one for Tweeting, and one for a Facebook post. Except for a one-time bump as explained in item 6:

neck pumpkins

Three neck pumpkins running from 12 to 17 pounds apiece. Enthusiasts feel these are the best squash to use in pumpkin pie.

6. If you’re on Pinterest, pin the Seed Giveaway photo from the top of this post and include the hash tag #skgseeds in the description of the pin. Again, if I can match your pin to your email address, your entry moves up two spots on the mailing list.

7. Finally, if you mention my giveaway on your own blog and encourage your readers to visit and enter, you automatically receive my gratitude along with a complete set of seeds (but still on a first-come-first-served basis; would that so many people blog about my giveaway, there won’t be enough seeds to go around). I’ll mail seeds to the entire list of bloggers (in the order that they post) before I mail to any other entrants.

At Least Get on the List!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the options. At least leave a comment and email your snail mail address (items 2 and 3). You’re likely to get some seeds (though, when I run out of these types of seeds, if I haven’t gotten to your name on the list, you won’t receive any).

When you do get seeds, please think of me during the growing season. I’d love to get occasional updates—perhaps with a photo. If you let me know when you write blog posts about what you grow from Small Kitchen Garden Seeds, I’ll let my readers know about your posts.

One sad caveat: This giveaway is open only to folks in the United States and Canada.

What Might You Get?

A complete seed set for the giveaway described in this post includes the following:

Paste Tomatoes— At least 15 seeds to grow the unusual chili-pepper-shaped paste tomatoes I’ve grown since a neighbor gave me seeds. These are delicious in salads, but they’re ideal for making sauce. Best guess: they’re of the Cornue Des Andes variety; descriptions I’ve read online match my assessment of the tomatoes. (I grew these using organic methods.)

Cream Sausage Tomatoes— A paste tomato I grew for my first time last season. These are determinate and have the shape of small chili peppers. They ripen white through-and-through. Yes: I made a batch of all-white tomato sauce; you could too!

Sweet Italian Peppers— At least 15 seeds to grow large, horn-of-plenty-shaped peppers. Sorry, I don’t know the variety of these because I bought the peppers at a farmers’ market. (Almost certainly NOT organically-grown.)

Neck Pumpkin— Five seeds to plant one hill of neck pumpkins. These are descended from a 26 pound squash I bought years ago at a farmers’ market. Collected from fruits running 13 to 17 pounds, the seeds will produce insect-resistant plants. The fruits are similar to butternut squash, but many times larger.


66 Responses to “Free Vegetable Seeds for 2013!”

  • Randall:

    I’m not much of a comedian but I’ll say something about our garden this year. We have six plum tree seeds hibernating three inches in the soil under a layer of snow. We hope they will wake up in the spring! We’ve never grown a tree from seed before so our expectations aren’t too high.

  • Catherine Brown:

    Thank for the giveaway! We run a non-profit, The New Hampshire Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, working with new organic farmers and our state/county food banks. Extra seeds would be most appreciated!

  • I have none of the varieties that you are offering and can’t resist the combination of the 2 words “free” and “seeds”!
    What a great giveaway! Twitter bump to follow. :)

  • Kelly T.:

    I have had a few small gardens as an adult, but my fondest memories are from our family garden as a young child. My parents have pictures of me, or rather, the top of my head, just above the peas…I would sit between the rows and eat peas straight from the pod. I hope to have a garden that big again someday.

  • I have 2 garden plots at a community garden of about 1,500 sqft. I grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Everything I grow is harvested and donated to a local mission kitchen. Last yield was a smidge over 1,000 pounds. I’m on a fixed income so every little bit of help offsetting financial outlay is welcome with a grin and enthusiasm. I’ve recently come across a video of how to make seed tapes with toilet paper, flour, and water if all things. I’ve got Detroit Red beets and Half Nance carrots ready to go as soon as the garden is warm enough to accept them.

    I don’t know is my old Facebook page is viable; if it is I’ll post you there. I’d I had a blog is give you creds there but it’s hard enough keeping up with Twitter and email on this tiny phone.

    Good luck with your giveaway; it sounds complicated but somehow I think that is fun for/to you!!!

  • i am the resident garden geek on this blog, and likely the only one to see this, so i’m kind of replying for everyone. we’d all like to share a set of seeds!

  • I don’t have anything funny to share because I have a NEW GARDEN! Or will, once we thaw. I don’t know yet how it will work with the maintenance guys who clean up around here, or the geese or the deer or the squirrels or groundhogs, but I will grow in pots on my porch if I have to. I get to garden again!

  • Susan Cravatt:

    I would like to enter the seed giveaway please. If you would have asked me five years ago about signing up for a free seed giveaway, I would have rolled my eyes! My husband is the gardener and is teaching me more every year. When I started, when he planted a huge garden after moving back home, in the country. He wad going through chemotherapy and radiation and the garden looked awful, weeds everywhere. Prior to him planting it I told him gardens were not my thing. After seeing all those weeds I just could not look at them anymore so I went out and pulled the weeds and found FOOD! that was my start of gardening! Last year my hubby did not want to try corn gain because every year he fails at corn, so I planted it and it grew big and tall and beautiful. So I am the official corn planter now!

  • We have a really small garden, our HOA prohibts a big garden. Isn’t that crazy? We do a CSA and plant things that need more room at a friend’s house.

  • Kerri F:

    Thanks for this! We are so excited to start our gardens this year. As part of our schooling the kids will be growing a garden of thier choice. Hurry up spring!

  • Sarah R:

    My garden can only be described as minuscule. It consists of a few pots on my tiny patio. This year I plan to use a shoe organizer idea I saw online to expand my growing power. I will trade more veggies for digging through the bottom of my closet for shoes any day. Thanks for your generosity.

  • Kimberly N:

    I’d love to try out some of those pretty seeds. Unfortunately I have no funny stories from gardening lately (total brown thumb since moving to CA) but in college I lived in a small apartment in Houston. The highlight was a small outdoor dirt area around my patio. I put in tomatoes, peppers and some flowers. I had just gotten a puppy that summer too. We were outside weeding and watering and the dog shoots off inside the house. I chase after her and she has a caterpillar that was almost bigger than she was. As soon as I corner her, GULP down goes the caterpillar! She was very proud of herself. ;)

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  • Kaitlin Schibli:

    This is awesome hope to get some seeds !

  • deborah M:

    I am a first time gardner in virgina and would love to have free seeds. i have had gardens before in other areas but being a newlywed my new husband doesn’t think i can garder and doesn’t want to spend money on seeds. i want to show him it will be worth the money to grow a garden. so, thanks for helping to show him it will be

  • laurie smith:

    I had trouble with deer eating all my garden last year so this year, I am using a greenhouse for almost everything, and hoping to grow year round. Last year, my tomato plants were all stems as the deer had trimmed all the leaves off. I look forward in trying your seeds to add to my collection.

  • Donnetta:

    This isn’t all the funny to me yet but last year I had a huge crop of strawberries and we were so excited. Everyday I went to pick them the red ones were gone. Since it was fenced with chicken wire I figured the birds were getting them. I woke early one morning to see two chipmunks squeezing through the chicken wire with cheeks bulging with berries. I got a live trap and decided to relocate those two at a nice wooded area with a stream. I caught fourteen in two weeks. Yes, fourteen. They ate the entire crop. Now I know how Donald Duck feels. Darn chipmunks!

  • JennyA:

    I would like to enter for the free seeds please! I submitted my info in a separate email to you…thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Right now all of our garden has in it is some jerusalem artichokes ready to pick, kale, onions, a few herbs and a ton of carrots.

    Looks like we will be having carrot soup this weekend! The chickens and bees are all doing well….

    Funny story….the other day my husband was at a meeting with a bunch of his co-workers and leaned back in a chair and crossed his legs and realized he had chicken manure all over his shoe he quickly put it down again before anyone noticed…;) The life of a suburban farmer…..always something funny :)

  • dawn:

    I’d love some seed! Not really a funny story, but I garden on a heritage farm that has been in my family for 5 generations. We cover crop and rotate, but have had a beautiful garden for the 29 years we’ve been married. We love variety, growing our own plants from seed and starting every meal by running to the garden and grabbing something and building the meal around that. Next to the garden are the chicken coops, so my girls get treats from the garden often. My favorite smile making activity is to pick cherry tomatoes and toss in a few and watch the chickens have a field day racing around playing keep away.

  • Living in Florida I have had a hard time learning when to plant and what to plant. Help! Can you teach a Yankee new tricks??????????????? I would love to make some awesome tomatoe sauce……!

  • Linda:

    I live in an apartment, so therefore, I do container gardening. I would love to have the seeds. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Bobbi:

    cool varieties! Never grown those before.I would love some of those seeds

    I don’t have anything too funny to share..however I did gasp this morning as I watched a squirell vigorously bury two peanuts into my newly planted potato pots :/..I was mad at first..but it was actually funny watching him in such a hurry to bury his treasure. lol now I gotta find something to put over my pots :P

  • Cindy Kay:

    Would love to be on your “Feed” list ! (Seed) … Its something new and yet so very old of a tradition of sharing your seeds, something of which our ancestors did much of. Something of which I do with my Flower Perennials , called Pick a Posey Share a Posey that I do in my community ! Our veggie Garden is 35 x 50 that my spouse and I share although he claims his territory as HIS ! But ,thats ok , I gladly share my flower spaces with Him when he brings me home “Flowers with Roots” to me and wants to plant a tomato plant or other veggies in one of my English Gardens :) When we got married 15 yrs ago, he brought me one bouquet of flowers without roots when I politely said Honey I love Flowers so much better when they have Roots on them, he never brought me an unrooted bouquet since ! God Love Him, he listens well! Im not sure this post would make you chuckle but I would hope to make you smile !

  • Linda F:

    Last year we planted our corn in the middle of the garden… big mistake! Needless to say, many of our veggie plants didn’t do very well!

  • Tanya:

    I am a Farm to School coordinator and would love some free seeds for our school gardens here in WV. I have students constantly crowding me in the hallway asking “when are we going to start our garden?!?!” even though there is snow out on the ground right now. When asked what they want in the garden, invariably I get some funny responses of “hot peppers,” “carnivorous plants,” and “lots of flowers!!”

  • Patricia:

    OMG, free seeds, fantastic. I can’t twitter or facebook cause I’m too busy gardening and trying to figure out of time saving way to garden this year instead of spending 2 hrs watering. This takes alot of brain power to think about which I’m sure your Heirloom seeds turned to yummy food would help with. I’m now jumpin’ up n’ down………………………………………
    Pick ME, Pick ME!

  • hello
    i am starting a container garden this year.. first time for me.. teaching my teens how to grow food.. ya never know when the zombies will also will try a water garden and a butterfly garden.. catnip for the cat!.. as long as i have a garden.. it keeps me calm no matter what life throws at me.. peace love and chocolate.. laura

  • After moving from MN to TN, I’ve had to learn so many new and different gardening techniques. I LOVE the extended growing season and the additional varieties of plants I can try, but the rocky/clay soil and the awful Bermuda grass has been extremely challenging. We are doing raised bed gardens and last year tried our hand at straw bale gardening. One thing I wasn’t aware of with straw bales is that they seem to be the new home of choice for these little iridescent lizards. They aren’t alarming when you are expecting them…but when they surprise you….well, let’s just say there was a day last summer when my scream brought 3 neighbors out of their homes to make sure I wasn’t getting murdered in my yard! And who said gardening was relaxing!

  • Amy Smith:

    Saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a great way to re-start my garden this year. I am going to be doing mainly raised beds with vertical framework to support the plants. I’m hoping I can do it all and not kill everything like I normally do. Super excited about the tomato varieties and I can see me puree’ing and canning that squash this fall. Thanks for the chance to own a few of these cool looking varieties. I can’t wait!

  • Brooke G:

    I’m a first time gardener, and I am trying out raised beds and winter-sowing this year. Tomatoes, peppers, & squash would be great additions to my garden! :)

  • This is awesome! I think its so cool that you are giving away free seeds. The first time I planted seeds of my own was when I was given pumpkin seeds from a neighbor. I planted the seeds and left on vacation. After a month of being away I returned home to see my entire patio had been taken over by the pumpkin vines. Since then I have learned much more about growing plants and love seeing them grow.

  • Shelly Brandt:

    We have been trying to garden for 4 years now. I say ‘trying’ because it they say it takes about 10 years to really get the niche down. We have learned alot but our biggest problem last year was how to keep the the squirrels out of the garden! We bought 12 different tomato plant starts and hairloom at that. My husband and I spent a romantic evening planting a garden. (It was actually romantic as I believe we threw dirt at each other a few times and ended up kissing!) We were so psyched about our family eatting all the things we had planted especially the heirloom tomatoes we paid extra for. Well, they took off incredibly. Our 20 foot plants made it to about 15 feet. The others had beautiful greenery, but we couldnt find out why they werent producing. One day I saw a squirrel in the garden with a green thing that looked like an apple because it was hard and about that size, and I dismissed it. Off and on I saw this squirrel on my back deck and enjoyed watching him play. UNTIL one day, I actually took a look at what he was eatting. It wasnt green apples like I had thought. It was my unripened tomatoes. That stinking squirrel had eatten every crop of tomatoes we had. We didn’t get a single one! He would bite into it, eat a bit, and then leave them through the yard. OH! It made me so frustrated…until I decided to laugh. What are the odds!? Not a single tomato. He sure got blessed! I look forward to planting AND receiving the benefits this year…because we moved! Haha rotten squirrel!
    On another note, our garden plans as we get established in figuring this out is to have a corner near the road side that has a beautiful landscape look but also serves as a community food share. I think it would be a great way for kids in the neighborhood or for hungry people to stop by and grab a vegetable and pull a weed. We will grow anything we could and tell everyone about it. Not real sure what the city will think of the stopping cars but…I dont care!! Thanks for sharing your site. I look forward to coming back often!
    Oh…who do you get your heirlooms from?

  • Ashley Laux-Shaner:

    Great looking crop! We have a groundhog that lives underneath my neighbor’s shed. Its favorite thing to do is to invade our garden. We happen to have a raised bed garden complete with rabbit/chicken wife surrounding it. Somehow this groundhog manages to get into it in a daily basis and leave 1 bite out of each ripe tomato right before j pick it. I can’t tell you have many times I have chased it out as has my dog. If you have any tips on how to keep that bugger put of my tomatoes, I would be eternally grateful!

  • Martin O:

    I’ve been wanting to start a garden for many years now, but was obviously not ready. Now I’ve moved to a new house, where there is a great arrangement for gardening. I had just started to look for seeds, when I saw they blog. I’ll keep you posted on how the garden is growing. Thanks for doing this blog. It’s very informative.

  • Mike Andres:

    Hi, I am 32 years old, I started a garden indoors, I am on a venture to Grow food Indoors and Outdoors. I am New at all this but I love trying New things. I Think seen alot of good Youtube Video that shows Great looking Plants Grown Indoors. I am in Need of Seeds for my Garden, I wish I could tell you Joke but I found one on Youtube …

  • My garden is dominated by children and squirrels. Both love to take the baby produce but the children make sure to put it in their purses. The squirrels just leave their remnants on the porch. Did you know baby tomatoes coordinate nicely with sparkly fairy shoes and purple purses?

  • Hi Daniel. How nice of you to share your seeds! Cream sausage paste tomatoes and neck pumpkins…I’d love to have those in my garden just because I enjoy saying their names!

  • Well my (funny to you – not to me) gardening story is my invasion of Rabbits.. I’ve never seen a rabbit here in 13 years until this last year. I haired and fenced my garden last year without much luck. The only thing they didn’t touch in my garden last year was the CARROTS!!! This year I’ve purchased a gun so I can shoot the little varmits. Don’t worry I will eat whatever I shoot – they should taste good since they ate so much of my garden last year.

  • Laurel:

    Oh, I’m at your LGBG short course presentation right now and it’s a great chat so I came to your site to ‘fav’ it. :-)

  • Jenn Bane:

    Hi Daniel :-) I’m a beginner gardener and just started my first garden last year. You should see the massive tree that will not die that I’m working around :-) Thank you for offering such an amazing freebie! Facebook bump to follow :-)

  • Dan K.:

    I have been gardening in limited spaces for close to thirty years now. I have had most recent success in growing tomatos, sweet bell peppers, eggplants, snap peas, broccoli and a wide variety of melons. I try to grow both open air and container gardens to compare results among same types of fruits and veggies. In the past couple of years my container gardens have held their own in terms of size and taste, but lacked in the way of yield.This is due to lack of root area in pots/containers. I have experimented with a number of soil additives (including gypsum, eggshells, mosses ,manures and Miracle Grow vs. other fertilizers) with positive results. I cannot stress enough the importance of planting ones own garden and, if possible, canning their bounty. You’d be surprised how much more tasty last years jarred tomatos are in a sauce than what you would buy in a foodstore (don’t spare the fresh herbs or herbed oils either). Your offer is very generous and I hope this will pave the way for seed exchanges in the future as well.

  • Thank you for being willing to share your seeds. I have not had greatneck squash in years.
    While growing up, I gained the nickname of rotten tomato for hitting my sister by mistake with a rotten tomato when she stood up at the wrong time. We were told to throw any bad fruit in the compost pile. She gave me a beetdown by throwing a solid beet when I wasn’t looking!

  • Julie Crum:

    Nothing funny about my garden. I’m going to try a lot more container gardening this year because I have to have my sewer line replaced and it’s going to run right through parts of my garden. Would appreciate any seeds you send!

  • Shabi:

    I like to get these wonderful seeds for my organic terrace garden… is it possible to get these seeds to India…thank you

  • Danielle:

    I would totally love to have some of the white tomatoes. Making an all white sauce would gross out my dad, and that’s an epic win in my book.
    I don’t have much of a garden yet (who am I kidding I have a cement block outline that looks all sad and pathetic), but I do have a nice oregano plant that my cats have spent the winter munching on. Yeah, I have really weird cats. At least it isn’t a pepper plant this time. Tigger learned pretty darn quick that hot pepper plants are not for kitties to eat raw. I laughed like crazy though, mean kitty mom that I am.

  • Lloyd Sizemore:

    I love this idea. This is the first year in many that I am able to have a garden. I spent 37 years in the Army and finally retired and bought a home on 2 acres and started setting up my garden so in spring I can be ready to plant. I had some seeds that I shared with friends and I got some from friends but these are seeds I don’t have and would love to try. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  • Jackie Biddinger:

    I loved gardening as a young girl , and still love. There was nothing like going to our fenced garden eating a radish out of the ground, digging for sweet potatoes, or eating a red ripe tomatoe before my dad would catch my sister and I doing this. We would pull onion up and use the blades for strawes as we pretended to play in our play house.
    Jackie Biddinger

  • [...] of my favorite gardening blogs, Your Small Kitchen Garden, is doing a giveaway for free vegetable seeds. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents [...]

  • Denise Fedor:

    What an interesting way to give away extra seeds! I am expecting a lot of baby kale seedlings come spring. Did not harvest the seeds before they blew off! Love volunteers!

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