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Whatever Happened in the Book Giveaway?

I’m embarrassed, and must apologize to the folks who participated in my Yes, You Can! Holiday Giveaway at the beginning of December. In my last comment on that post, I said I’d announce the winner before my bedtime on Saturday, December 10. I can’t even remember all the reasons that didn’t happen. So many things didn’t go “just so” that I actually FORGOT about the giveaway.

Today, while scrolling through the blog, I found the post and had a panic attack. Please forgive me for the omission.

Iris suggested the name Hairy Yes, You Canary for this Yard Bird.

The Winner Is…

My judges have chosen a winner, and the winner is Iris. This is Iris’s entry:

I would name YBID0079 Hairy Yes, You Canary because every cute yellow canary needs a head full of long streaming black hair… ;)

The judges felt that Iris’s entry played to the judges most effectively. Iris actually worked the name of the book into the name she suggested for Yard Bird YBID0079! My book (my baby) and my family appreciated the thought.

About the Entries

For all who entered: Thank you so much! I loved your efforts and promised to comment on each one. Here we go:

Charlotte: My mom’s name was Charlotte. So sorry to hear about your rooster. Feathers would have made a good name for YBID0079. It is one of the most feathery Yard Birds I’ve ever seen. Of course, in my mind, that one will forever be Hairy Yes, You Canary. Incidentally, someone bought Hairy just before Christmas…

Michelle: I love the name “Little Bit.” I called my first child “Little Man” and “Smidge” for many months… long before he could tell me his favorite color.

Jennie: Mother Goose? But I’m sure YBID0051 is a boy Yard Bird ;-)

Iris: Congratulations! You won over the judges.

Cavernap: Black Spy! I read Mad Magazine for nearly 25 years. Alas, my family (the judges) did not.

Melanie: Birds are yesterday? Arachnophobes among us: be afraid!

Mark: Mark, Mark, Mark. I’m afraid, despite your warning, none of us ducked low enough. Thanks for being brave and submitting the limerick!

Jill Patterson: Heckle and Jeckle were guests at our house each Saturday morning when I was young. I enjoyed the memory, but as with Mad Magazine, my family had no similar reaction.

JeninCanada: Your suggestion of a name out of the Star Trek franchise was a long hit into center field. We all are Star Trek fans here. As a family we watched the original series, The Next Generation, and about two-thirds of Deep Space 9—all on video tapes and DVDs. Here’s the sad part: pretty much all of us dislike the Tasha Yar character and felt TNG didn’t really hit its stride until they killed her off. Sadly, she wasn’t any better later on as the spawn of a Federation/Romulan time paradox accident. (I hope you and I can still be friends).

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3 Responses to “Whatever Happened in the Book Giveaway?”

  • Iris:

    I am so glad you liked the name Hairy Yes, You Canary…!! and about the lateness of the contest results…?? no problem… I about had a panic attack at just the thought of your panic attack… happy new year and thanks…!!

  • Congratulations !! Iris that is a great name.Had fun entering the name contest & Happy New Years to everyone.

  • Mark:

    Congratulations, Iris! I LOLd!

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