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Redneck Wine Glass for Canning Enthusiasts

redneck wine glass (click to order)
A redneck wineglass is a seriously appropriate gift for a home canning enthusiast. Click this link to order one for the canner in your life.

Had a birthday back in February but my travels made it difficult for my family to schedule a party. In our typical way, we squeezed one in last Sunday when we were all home for two hours in the afternoon. It wasn’t a lavish affair, but it felt normal—throughout my late childhood birthday celebrations were simple and quick. Heck, a few times my mom planned my birthday cake for the day after my birthday—I think because she had reported the wrong date when she applied for my social security number.

But that’s not the point! The point is, my wife gave me a redneck wineglass (see photo) for my birthday! It’s absurd. It’s impractical. It simply makes sense for a canning enthusiast.

One of my favorite restaurants serves lemonade in pint-sized canning jars; a great look when you’re having smoked ribs. What’s more, I once had a collection of canning jars with handles that made them appropriate for beer mugs; I wish the store hadn’t discontinued them.

Not sure yet whether I’ll drink out of the redneck wineglass. It’s a lot to heft and I’d more likely fill it with sangria than wine—we almost never have sangria. The wineglass would make a nice vase. Whichever way I go with it, I’m pleased my wife recognized it as appropriate. It’s a fine gift for a canning enthusiast.

Redneck wineglasses are available from Amazon as are canning jar beer mugs (drinking jars). Links to them from this page are affiliate links; I’ll earn a small commission if you click through from my website and make a purchase.

2 Responses to “Redneck Wine Glass for Canning Enthusiasts”

  • danielle:

    You can still find the jars with handles! I have two. I got them at the Wonder Bread Store (alas), but I’ve also seen them at The Christmas Tree Shop. They come filled with jelly, and unfortunately they aren’t labeled and I don’t have the lids anymore, so I don’t know what brand. They are a squarish mason jar with a handle. If I can figure out the jelly brand I will post.

  • I saw these recently – liked them, but didn’t buy one! It would be a nice decoration on the fireplace mantel.

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