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Sweet Pepper Relish Service Variation

Classic service of homemade sweet pepper relish

Sweet pepper relish on cream cheese makes an attractive addition to an hors d’oeuvres table. Learn how to make your own at my blog post, Red Pepper Relish from Your Home Kitchen Garden

My Mother-in-law had guests. She served the delicious sweet pepper relish with cream cheese and crackers that I wrote about over at Home Kitchen Garden (and included in my book about home preserving—which you can buy by clicking the book cover in the left margin of this page). I got the recipe from my Mother-in-law in the first place, and over the past several years I’ve been her supplier: I give her a case of 4oz jars when we visit my in-laws or they visit us.

Four ounces of homemade sweet pepper relish

When I first wrote about this relish I called it Red Pepper Relish. Since then I’ve taken to making it with various fully-ripe sweet peppers—red, yellow, orange, and even purple (which, given time, turn red as they ripen). A 4 ounce jar of relish, a block of cream cheese, and crackers make a fine appetizer.

But credit for this post goes to one of my Mother-in-Law’s guests who, apparently, suggested an alternative to the classic “relish-on-cream-cheese-on-crackers” service. She thought simply to mix a four ounce jar of relish into eight ounces of cream cheese and serve it as a spread.

Simple. Genius. Should have been obvious.

The procedure is as you’d expect: Set out an 8oz block of cream cheese or neufchatel to soften at room temperature for at least an hour. Use a fork to combine the cream cheese and a jar of pepper relish; be thorough. If you prefer, use an electric mixer to stir the two ingredients together. Load a small serving bowl with the mixture and set it out with a butter knife or two and some crackers.

This treatment is tidier than serving a block of cream cheese with relish dumped on it… and every crackerful is delicious.

Cream cheese blended with homemade sweet pepper relish

Thoroughly blending a jar of sweet pepper relish with an 8oz block of cream cheese makes a delicious spread. The spread is easier to handle than the more traditional service, and it tastes just as good.

Small Kitchen Garden – Sweet Pepper Relish Service Variation

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5 Responses to “Sweet Pepper Relish Service Variation”

  • Jo-Ann:

    I sell my homemade jams & jellies at a local farmers market. I love offering samples of the pepper jellies with a block of cream, but found the display really messy after an hour or so. This past weekend, while thinking about an upcoming craft show, I came up with the same idea as you’re showing – just mix the pepper jellies into the cream cheese!! I could offer 4 different pepper jellies, each in its own decorative bowl, and it was easy to keep the display looking neat & attractive. Your Mother-in-Law and I both have minds that work to simplify things!!

  • Is the pepper relish portion of this recipe something you have made in the past form home grown ingredients? just curious

  • Daniel Gasteiger:

    Mike: Yes, there’s a link to the sweet pepper relish recipe in the article–in the caption under the first photo. The stuff is kind of addicting with cream cheese and crackers. I deliberately grow lots of sweet peppers so I can make two or three batches of relish each year.

  • Daniel Gasteiger:

    Jo-Ann: Well… my MIL didn’t come up with the idea; it was a guest. Still, she has adopted the idea and passed it along. I’m glad she did. A bowl of a soften premixed spread is less intimidating than a block of cream cheese dripping with relish. A bowl of it went really fast during Thanksgiving at my house.

  • Thanks Daniel. I saw the link and should have clicked it. I’ll take a look now. It looks great.

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