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Post Produce

About when I started blogging at Your Small Kitchen Garden, I came across May Dreams Gardens and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I love Bloom Day, a tradition that Carol (the owner of May Dreams Gardens) started in 2007. She encourages bloggers to post about what’s abloom in their gardens.

I try to participate in Bloom Day each month, but I always feel a little out of place. The whole point of a plant in a kitchen garden is the produce that you harvest and prepare in your kitchen. Vegetable and fruit flowers are pretty, and I’m happy to put mine alongside those of ornamental gardeners, but it seems appropriate for kitchen gardeners to have their own party… and so is born Post Produce!

I invite all bloggers to Post Produce on the 22nd of each month.

How Does Post Produce Work?

On the 22nd of the month, feature your own homegrown produce on your blog. Then, come to Your Small Kitchen Garden and link to your post—I’ll put up a Mister Linky on the 21st and leave it open for several days so you can add your link even if you can’t get to it on the 22nd.

Feature your own produce? Here are some suggestions:

  • Write a list of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and mushrooms you’re harvesting on or near Post Produce day.
  • Write a description of a particular fruit or vegetable you’re harvesting.
  • Write poetry about your produce and post it.
  • Post a photo still-life of the day’s (or a very recent) harvest.
  • Post a photo (or photos) of produce growing in your garden.
  • Post a whole bunch of photos featuring each type of produce individually.
  • Feature the most impressive vegetable or fruit you harvest on the 21st (or thereabouts).
  • Feature the most bizarre vegetable or fruit you’re harvesting.
  • Share a recipe that features produce you’re harvesting.
  • Post about how you’re preserving your garden produce: canning, dehydrating, freezing, making jam or jelly or relish…
  • …Or post about how you’re using your preserves.
  • Songs? Do you want to Post Produce songs? OK!
  • Drawings or paintings? Why not?

The pivotal theme of Post Produce day is that your blog features something you grew—whether you’re harvesting it, preparing it to eat, preserving it, or even giving it away. Post about your produce and come to Your Small Kitchen Garden to link to it. Then visit each others’ Produce Posts and see what’s cooking (or about to be cooked?) in kitchen gardens everywhere.

The first Post Produce day will be September 22, 2011… one week after Bloom Day and the last day of summer in the northern hemisphere. I hope you’ll join me and Post Produce!

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